The New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal

Call for papers

An open call for papers for the New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal future issues.

The New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal (NZPGLeJournal) is very pleased to announce an open call for papers for its future issues. As a general policy, the publication pursues excellence in both form and content and will consider papers and/or dissertations submitted within a postgraduate law degree in New Zealand or abroad. The Editors appreciate the need for flexibility and may therefore take into consideration papers that do not fall into the mentioned category but that, in the opinion of the Editors, are worthy of publication. As the Journal encourages originality, innovation and a multi-disciplinary approach to the law, papers exploring new or under researched topics―or papers original in either style or contents―are particularly welcome.

Please note: Only contributions (or substantially similar contributions) that have not been published (and are not under consideration for publication) elsewhere can be considered for publication in the NZPGLeJournal. Upon publication, all papers become property of the NZPGLeJournal.

Please be advised that the submission of a paper does not by itself guarantee publication. The papers will be assessed by the Editorial Board and the final decision about publication will be taken by the Editor-in-Chief in consultation with―and upon recommendation of―the Editorial Board. You should also note that, if your paper is selected for publication, you are likely to be required to make amendments so as to adapt it to the format and purposes of the NZPGLeJournal. Although the number and nature of such amendments will be discussed with you if your paper is selected, papers must conform to the New Zealand Law Style Guide.

Publications take either the form of main articles (usually between 8000 and 18,000 words) or that of shorter updates and commentaries on issues relevant to the law. Finally, please note that, by submitting a paper for consideration, you may be asked for proof that you are either a current postgraduate student or that your paper was written in connection with your postgraduate research.

If you would like your paper to be considered for publication, please submit it by 31 March 2014 in electronic format (preferably Microsoft Word) to the following address, attaching a cover letter with a short CV.

The New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal
Attn: Editor-In-Chief
The University of Auckland
Faculty of Law
Private Bag 92019, Auckland
Aotearoa/New Zealand