The New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal


Learn about the history of the New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal logo.


A shielded icon featuring a book (symbol of knowledge) and two crowns (symbol of law and order) with the inscription’ “Sub Lege Libertas” (Latin for ‘Freedom under the Restraint of the Law”), the logo and motto of the New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal symbolises the importance of the trinity values of knowledge, liberty and the law, and their close connection.

In particular, they signify the necessity, for any polity, to submit to the rule of law ('lege' in Latin, represented here by the two crowns) and at the same time make sure that such law is respectful of freedom and individual rights (‘libertas’) via the pursuit of knowledge (indicated here by the open book).

Significantly, in the icon both the words ‘lege” and ‘libertas” are contained in the book - a message that only through knowledge can one achieve a state of both freedom and order.

The NZPGLeJournal shares this vision and is fully committed to a society based on equality. To read our Policy Guidelines as well as our Statement on Equality, please see Constituion and Policy.

As for our Māori title, Te Tataramoa o Aotearoa literally means ‘The Tataramoa of New Zealand’. The tataramoa is a native tree that grows in the Great Forest of Tane *1. The tataramoa is a climber, its spikes are on its leaves pointing backwards and it clings to branches and anything that touches its leaves.

*1 This is a term used by Maori to denote any forest area, which is said to be within the domain of Tane, the God of the Forest and its creatures.