The New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal


We seek outstanding candidates to join our team of editors.

The New Zealand Postgraduate Law e-Journal (NZPGLeJournal) is always looking for outstanding candidates who are currently studying toward the postgraduate degrees of LLM (Master of Laws) or PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) to join its team of editors.

As a general rule, preference will be given to those applicants who have obtained excellent grades and shown a particular aptitude and passion for legal research, writing and editing. Please note that such positions are not remunerated.

NZPGLeJournal welcomes expressions of interest at any time. Your expression of interest will be kept on file until an opening occurs when you may be contacted for further information. When a position becomes available, the NZPGLeJournal will consider all those who have expressed an interest prior together with those who respond to advertising at that time.

The NZPGLeJournal is totally committed to equal opportunities and places the greatest importance on transparency and fairness of its procedures, both for the publication of articles as well as for editorial positions. While it is our mission to value contributions on their merits, we are also continuously trying to find better ways of nurturing diversity. If you want to read our policy on equal opportunities, please click Constitution and Policy.

To apply, please send an email outlining your areas of research and academic interests with a curriculum vitae to the following email address:

To read our requirements for submitting a paper, please see Submissions.