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The Relationship between International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law in Situations of Armed Conflict
by Patrick Knäble
Humanitarian Law - Human Rights - Armed Conflict - Simultaneous Application - Lex Specialis

Humanitarian Intervention Post Kosovo: Does a Right to Humanitarian Intervention Exist in Customary International Law After Kosovo?
by Kerry Tetzlaff
Humanitarian Intervention - Kosovo - NATO - Yugoslavia - Customary International Law - Human Rights

The Development of the Law on Psychiatric Injury in the English Legal System

by Gerald Schaefer
Psychiatric Injury - Nervous Shock - Law of Tort - House of Lords - Common Law System

Principles of Sustainable Development in Korean Environmental Law: Towards the Earth Charter Principles

by Rak-Hyun Kim
Korean Environmental Law - Ethics and Principles of Sustainable Development - Earth Charter - Resource Management Act

Analysis of Common Law Judgments in Regards of "Wrongful Birth" Cases

by Sandra Birgitta Elste
Tort Law – “Wrongful Birth” Cases – Moral and Social Complexity – (Abandonment of General Tort Law Principles) – Incoherent precedent Judgment – Role of Final Appeal Court

Once upon a time...A Happy Ending for the Unauthorised Sequel?

by Eleanor Robinson
Copyright Law - Sequels - Derivative - Infringement - Fictional Characters

Televison Coverage of Election Campaigns: Do broadcasters Have Public Law Obligations?
by Saul Holt
Public Law - Broacasting - Judicial Review - Media Freedom - Election Campaigns

Updates & Commentaries

France and the Veil: An Interview with Jean-Michel Belorgey (Conseil d'Etat)
Muslim Headscarf - France - Statute 228/2004 - Religious Freedom - Multiculturalism

Book Review: Indigenous Peoples, the Environment and Law
by Brian Myers
Indigenous Peoples - Environmental Law - Traditional Knowledge - Post-Colonialism - Globalisation