Issue 2006-1


The Attorney-General v Ngati Apa (“Ngati Apa” or “Marlborough Sounds”) Case
by Séverine Leroy-Fiorletta
Keywords: Maori Customary Law - Foreshore & Seabed - Native Title - Crown Sovereignty - Ngati Apa

Appellate Sentencing Guidance in New Zealand
by Saul Holt
Keywords: Criminal Law - Appellate Sentencing - Guideline Sentencing - New Zealand and England

Globalisation as a Nexus between the Historical Narratives of Commercial Law and International Law
by Sandra Caruba
Keywords: Commercial Law - International Law - Historical Narratives - Development

A Comparative Study between Australia, New Zealand and the USA concerning Directors' Duties when Issuing Shares as a Takeover Defence Strategy
by Nico Just
Keywords: Company Takeover -Directors' Duties - Share Issues - Business Judgment Rule - Company Law

Pacific Trips: Strategies for the Protection of Traditional Knowledge by Small Island Developing States in the Pacific Region
by Guy Fiti Sinclair
Keywords: Traditional Knowledge - Pharmaceuticals - Pacific - Intellectual Property - International Law

A Sense of Proportion: The Principle of Proportionality in the European Community United Kingdom and New Zealand
by Amanda Brown
Keywords: Administrative Law - Wednesbury Test - Human Rights - Judicial Review - Proportionality

From Declaration to Implementation? - Rio + 13: an Evaluation of Its Legal Significance in International Enviromental Law
by Alex Puhlmann
Keywords: International Environmental Law - Earth Summit- Domestic Impact - Soft Law - Sustainability

R v Pora: The Boundary between Statutory Interpretation and Challenging Parliament's Sovereignty
by Sigrid Buschbacher
Keywords: Criminal Law - Sentencing - Retrospective Penalty - Statutory Interpretation - NZ Bill of Rights

Updates & Commentaries

Regulating the Internet Pornography Industry: An Enforcement Perspective
by Jackie McCullough
Keywords: Criminal Law - Pornography - Internet - Enforcement - NZ Bill of Rights - Cybercrimes

A Long Marriage of Convenience: The Origins and Historical Development of Church-State Relationship in France
by Herman Salton
Keywords: France - Church/State Relationship - French Religious History and Law - Separation

France and the Veil: An Interview with Rémy Schwartz, Rapporteur Général of the Stasi Commission on the Laicité Principle in France (in English & French)
Keywords: France - Islamic Headscarf - French Statute 228/2004 - Conseil d'Etat - Islam